Dry rubs and dry rub recipes are the best way to take your favorite dishes to another level. Our dry rub recipes bring the full intensity and magnitude to all you favorite seafood recipes, steak recipes, chicken recipes and vegetable dishes. Raptor's salmon rub recipe will impress even the most well crafted of artisans in the kitchen. Our unique blend of spices and herbs from around the world will send your taste buds soaring. Try our Dry Rubs on all your favorite kitchen and barbecue recipes. Simple steak seasoning does not compare to our grilled ribeye steak recipe. All of our gourmet recipes will change the way you look at food.

When you purchase our rubs, we donate a percentage of the profits to the Wingspan Bird of Prey Trust to help expand their facilities. Wingspan is dedicated to providing medical care for injured birds and increasing the breeding inventory of threatened raptor species in the wild.

We have so many Dry Rub Recipes to choose from that will enhance the flavors of whatever you decide to grill. Seafood, venison, chicken or steak? Whatever you're grilling on the BBQ, we've got delicious grilling recipes that will delight and inspire any guest. Try some of our grilling recipes using our dry rubs the next time you barbeque. We guarantee that you will love the way our dry rubs and recipes turn an everyday barbeque into a gourmet cookout with flavors fit for a king.

We have several merchants in San Diego and throughout California carrying our dry rubs. Click here to see the complete list. Please contact us regarding an opportunity to carry our dry rub product line in your store.


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